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7 Ways to Embrace Fight Over Flight

Full disclosure, the slightest hint of trouble will cause ,me to rethink all my life decisions. I'm most certain that after thirty-two years of life I have figured out why. As a child, many things came easy to me. Sports was a breeze, dancing came naturally, and school was second nature. It wasn't very much that deterred me from my goals. Because everything I wanted came to me so easily, when things became difficult, I just assumed that meant I was going down the wrong path. So, to me, easy meant right and hard meant wrong.

Now, I'm in a place of unfamiliarity and navigating through this season as proven to be a grueling process so far. Only because I've made it so. I am constantly wavering in my decision because I am incessantly worrying about the things that can happen as a result of embarking on this journey. Also, there is the realization that I've only just begun. When I think about it, my chest gets tight and the idea of flight over fight feels right. I only feel that way though, because easy is safe. But when you want more out of life safe can not be an option. To me safe equates to a cushy desk job with your bi-weekly pay check and occasional bonus, slaving away Monday through Friday to live on the weekends. That's not what I see for myself.

I am at that point where I have to coexist, temporarily, with arduous circumstances. It's not the easiest transition because I have to retrain my mind to resist fleeing at the first sign of hardship. Just this morning I had a mini crisis and I was ready to through in the towel and high tale it back to safe. The crisis has been averted and now my level of anxiousness has deescalated from apocalyptic proportions to simply needing to just take a hot bath and read a book. All in all there are seven things that I can say carry me through each day and have begun to take an effect on my outlook in this particular season.


I had to write that in all caps because it is just that important. Trusting God is what is going to get you through the things that threaten to deter you from your end goal i.e finance issues, relationships, Familial problems, and doubts.

2. No matter what happens around me, always focus on your goals.

It doesn't matter what stage your in. Focus is always going to be key. Life happens and will never stop happening. Anybody who has succeeded has done so despite what life threw at them.

3. Remember why you have made your decision.

Remembering why you decided to go after you goal is a great motivator. One of the reasons I'm pushing towards the mark is so eventually my quality of life is much better. My time will be my own and I can define what work life balance is best for me and my family. No one else.

4. Make sure you're work ethic matches your dreams.

When you are working as hard as you can, the law of nature will allow you to make way. Not only that, but working as hard as you can builds your confidence and you start to believe that you are deserving of the things you want.

5. The difficulty doesn't mean wrong, it actually means that it's a higher level.

I spoke in a previous post about the higher level, the more difficult it is to conquer. The level of difficulty shouldn't deter you from your goal. It should be a testament to how grand your aspirations are. Push forward. Anything worth accomplishing, isn't going to be easy.

6. Compartmentalizing your days are key.

You can't worry about what might happen as a result of your decision. You don't know what's going to happen. Live everyday for that day. Just like the bible says, let tomorrow worry about itself. You'll only overwhelm yourself. (Trust me I know.)

7. Affirmations are imperative.

Say what you want everyday. Write it down. Every time you start to doubt yourself or feel anxious, repeat your affirmations. Put in the universe what you want. The tongue is powerful. Don't get in your own way by saying horrible things about yourself and your abilities. Lift yourself up. There won't always be someone there to do it for you.

I leave you with this quote: Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety; after all, it is only in the darkest nights that the stars shine more brilliantly. - Imam Ali

Beautifully and Naturally Yours,