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Faith Verses Fear

God in a sense is like the wind. You can't see the wind but you can feel it. When the wind doesn't blow, you still know it exists. Faith however, is not like the wind. Faith is more like a skill. To build faith you have to practice faith. And in order to practice faith, you have to encounter some uncomfortable situations. What's so wild about faith is that sometimes you have to have the faith before you can see the fruit. By definitions faith means to believe in something that you cannot definitively prove is real, or will happen. Faith is the equivalent to walking in the darkness hoping you'll find light. Faith is believing in a dream that you can't prove will come true. Faith is believing in abilities that you've not seen yet in yourself. Faith is believing in an entity where your encounters are like the wind, just enough to know that it is real. But without faith, where would we be? What if we were driven by our fears?

The definition of fear is to be afraid of (someone or something) that is likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening. The key word here is likely. We are afraid of heights because of our fear of falling. We are afraid of public speaking because we fear what people might think of us. We are scared to go after our dreams, because we fear failure. Fear tends to be more crippling. Fear keeps you complacent. Fear keeps you ordinary. Fear keeps you from living.

Faith and fear, however have one thing in common, neither one is concrete. Fear is the idea that something bad can happen but unless you face your fears you'll never know if what you fear most, is even worth the emotion. Faith is also an idea that something good could happen and we follow through with the hopes that the odds will be in our favor. Though neither one are concrete, they both coexist within each of us. For every brilliant idea we have, there is a fear on the other side. When you think about it, it is completely asinine how we stand in our own way of progress with an idea of something we don't know will actually happen. What if the people in the crowd listening to you speak are intrigued? What if you climb that mountain and nothing happens except you get to see one of the most incredible views ever? What if you actually work your ass off and your dreams came true.

Fear tends to be much louder than faith because the notion to not fail feels safe. For me, I know that I've fed my fear monster to the point that I've been crippled by it. Fear muffled the voice of my faith. that I should have in myself and in many instances, the faith I should have in God.

Finally, after all that has happened in my life I am one hundred percent sure that faith is the antithesis of fear. While fear stagnates you, faith propels you. Fear produces limitations while faith makes out boundless. Fear leaves you with regret while faith allows you to live a life as full as you want it.

If I had to pick an idea, something that isn't concrete, I'd bet on faith any day. I personally don't have room for both. Starving my fears and feeding my faith is how I choose to live. Now I dream wildly and those dreams don't feel so far fetched. I love freely and receive that love in return. And I am my true self because my happiness is no longer contingent on avoiding the ideas that feed my fears. My happiness survives off believing in the possibilities that faith has to offer.

I leave you with this quote: There isn't enough room in your life for both fear and faith. Each day, you must decide which one gets to stay. - Dave Willis