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The Great In Between: 5 Ways to help you get through the process of achieving your dreams.

If I can be completely honest, sometimes I want the time between getting an idea and success to move at the speed of musical montage. You know that part of the movie where you can watch a character go from being an okay fighter to a killing machine in matter of seconds. (Like Creed, when he decided to fight the boxer from over seas) You see glimpses of him struggling here and there and then you see glimpses of him mastering his combinations and being in peak condition. By the time the montage is over, they have all this confidence and are ready to execute what they've been practicing the duration of the scene which lasts anywhere between thirty and ninety seconds.

Life, sadly, doesn’t work like that. (Sigh) The more out of life I want, the more those dreams become equally as taxing. You feel every single agonzing moment of growing paines, denials, delays, failures, frustrations, doubt, and anything else that comes with just trying to acheive something past ordinary. What’s funny is, that you hear successful people talk about how hard it was before they got their big break. They talk about how they didn't always have everything they need, or a place to live and then....... boom. A turn is made and things seem to break. From an audience perspective, it is an awe inspiring story that motivates you to go live your dreams. That is until you reach the in point of in between. The in between, as I call it, are the days between when you get the idea and actually have success behind it. The success could be monetarily, a number one spot, recognition, or all the above. The process feels like it's not moving fast enough. You feel like you've hit a wall. Then that once great idea that got you moving and shaking, now just seems like a bad one.

I am in the land of in between. I’m working on my first novel that has literally made me question my creativity in its entirety. I’m trying to start a murder mystery dinner business where not having money, at times makes me doubt whether I can pull of the experience the way I envisioned it. And right before I go to sleep I seriously consider quitting all my projects and just watch movies from the early 90’s and 2000’s because that's what makes me happy. But when I wake in the morning, and I realize the first thing I think about is ideas for my book and the next event I want to throw, it is a reminder that going after these things is what makes me feel alive. Achieving them will make me more happy than any early 90's movie could. I just have to remember that this is all part of the process. Anything worth having is not the easiest to obtain, but you fight for it because that is what you want. Period. If I couldn’t be creative and express that creaivity with the proverbial pen to paper, I’d be miserable person.

So, I’ve decided to change the way I view this season of in between.

1. I remember that almost every person who's tried to make something of themselves has had a story of full of the same obstacles and frustrations. I mean, Tyler Perry was living in his car. I at least have an apartment.

2. I find joy in the journey. I enjoy trying to bring my ideas to life and learning how to become exactly what it is I want to be. I absolutely love welcome every creative challenge that comes my way because it only makes me better. I am determined to be able to also have an awe inspiring story that makes people feel like they can follow their dreams as well.

3. I've learned when it's time to recharge. When I feel like I’m gettin stuck or need a little inspiration, I do what fills my cup up. (Shout out to Coach Jennifer Gregg) I will take that long walk, that bubble bath, journal, meditate, pray. I’ll do whatever it takes to get me back on task.

4. I appreciate every measure of forward movement I make. If I finish a chapter, I pat myself on the back. If I write a blog post, I'm proud of it. When I put on my next event, I will dote all over myself. I won’t always hear it from other people, but I can at least look myself in the mirror and tell myself "You are one dope chick". I'll do this Because every word written is more word than I had previously. Every event thrown is a learning experience I didn’t have before. I am going to master the art of self encouragement and embrace all that comes with it because it’s my story. My story is gonna be one of success, not one of regret and defeat.

5. I visualize myself being a successful writer and entrepreneur. What I do is, I picture myself being interviewed. (Of course someone amaze balls like Robin Roberts from Good Morning America.) She asks me if there were times I wanted to give up. I reply by talking about what I am currently going through, as though it were the past. (Duh it literally will become the past) And I tell her how it all paid off. When I do that, it makes me excited to get to that point and I become more motivated. Weird? Maybe? But hey, wherever keeps us going, right?

For the last few months I've been doing the above. They seem to keep me going. And these tips won't negate all that comes with trying to become, but at least you'll still be moving forward. That's what matters.

I leave you with this quote: Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship,home….it’s your responsibility to love it or change it. - Chuck Palahniuk

Beautifully and Naturally yours,

K. Harmony