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If Greatness Knocked, Could You Answer?


Lately, as I scroll down my social media, I’m seeing all these people and their success stories. I watch interviews of people who had the courage to leave their jobs and go and start and brand new career. Women like Oprah, who give out the most fantastic advice about how she came into greatness. (Side note does anybody know Oprah's last name? Literally Oprah is like the equivalent of Prince when it comes to mononyms.) And It made me give myself a hard look and ask the question, If greatness was waiting for me on the other side of the door, would I be prepared to greet it?

It’s not a matter of if I’m equipped, I know that I am. It’s a matter of if I’m ready. Have I put my absolute all in to all my projects? Have I been networking? Have I researched enough? And all those questions only pertain to the preparatory stage. What about when it’s time for execution. Am I spiritual enough to move when God says move. Am I ready to make a move that in the natural, seems to be an absolutely horrible decision even though I'm only doing as directed by the Most High? Do I have enough guts to take the leap? Do I possess the courage to make the life changing decisions that may leave people behind, or anger others? Do I possess the gumption to go full steam ahead, even if I have to go it alone?

I physically looked myself in the mirror and gave myself the most honest response. I am not. I said it to myself out loud. “You are not ready.” I could barely look myself in the mirror once I said it. I dropped my head because I have been trying so hard to get to a better place. The truth of the matter is, trying is not doing.

I decided I want to be in position. I want to be in the midst of hat kismet meeting where opportunity and preparation collide. But there’s a few changes I have to make. One, no longer can my mantra involve the word trying. In fact, I think its time to throw out all words to describe and what you want to do and just turn it into action. That’s my life’s new themes. No words, just action. Then I have to be comfortable with my dark passenger fear. Fear is biological. However, It doesn’t mean It’s not conquerable. Most of the fears we have are ideas of what could happen. WE DON’T KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF WE DON’T TRY! I rather spend my days slaying my fears and taking leaps of faiths. I don’t want choose the safe option, settle, and wind up spending my final days wondering what an idea could have turned into. I will invest in me because If I don’t, why would anyone else? I have decided that trying is only what fearful people say as insurance just in case they fail. Let’s all turn our tries into do’s.

I leave you with this quote: Trying is just a noisy way of not doing something. - Kenneth Blanchard. EndFragment