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Realm Conquerors

As a child I enjoyed playing video games. They kept my attention for hours. The idea of going from level to level, world to world, realm to realm would sometimes consume me. The joy of being stuck on a level for days and then finally, victory. The excitement of moving on to the next realm even though you know that the perils are greater because the higher the level the more difficult it is to conquer. On the flip side the achievement and sense of confidence gained from beating the previous levels outweighs the idea that you might not conquer the next stage.

One of the definitions of realm is as follows:

Realm: the region, sphere, or domain within which anything occurs, prevails, or dominates,

Just like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Spyro, (those were some of my favorite video games) life is made up of nothing but realms. The difference is the King Koopas are dressed up as debt, unrequited love, self hatred, insecurities, failed attempt achieving dreams, self doubt, denials, delays, unexpected deaths and pregnancies and the list goes on and on. Just as in video game, the only way to beat a realm is to keep playing, we can only beat our real life realms if we keep praying. In the definition it says that anything can occur but also anything can prevail. We can let these perils prevail or we can dominate and win. We have to kill our insecurities, fears and self doubts and keep pressing until we advance. And with our new confidence and strength, use it to fight another day. In video games, if you die you get the chance to beat the level. Much as in life, we fall and we get up. Life is nothing more than that. There are some pitfall we see and make the leap and fall short. And then there are some things we don't see coming. God, however, is that good that he gives another day to conquer our realm. A gift so many people are not afforded. But we have to keep going. Your dreams are worth it. The passion, the gifts, and the purpose God has gifted you with is worth entering each realm with every uncertainty lurking. It's worth it because the trust you place in God is solidified, your self confidence is enlarged and the value at which your able to place on yourself insurmountable. Being able to look in the mirror and finally see in yourself what only God knew existed is one of the most self satisfying moments ever. And that victory gives you exactly what you need to move on the next realm. More than that, your able to reach back to the people coming behind, who are having difficulty conquering their own realms.

I leave you with this quote: New levels bring new devils. Stay unapologetically committed to your goals, and let go of anyone who tries to poison your spirit. - Steve Maraboli

Beautifully and Naturally yours,

K. Harmony