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Shut Up....It's Called Life

What is life but a great, big, huge, adventure filled with the cliche ups, downs, deaths, births, disappointments, love, wins, loses, lessons learned, and several attempts at not doing things that will cause regret. Life lessons are the ones that we don't necessarily learn in any course that requires you to sit in a seat and cause thousands of dollars of debt. And those of us who possess the metaphorical hard head, I’m sure had the moment where you sat back and said I should've listened when , insert name here, tried to school me on the plethora of life lessons . I mean sure, we expect those “cliche” things to happen, but what about when those things don’t happen according to plan. Let’s face it. Most people don’t expect to lose their mothers before they’ve gotten a chance to become mother’s themselves. Most parents don't plan to have children that they will have to bury. It’s the same with love. I’d love to see the raised hands of all the people who entered marriage to only get divorce. Or give someone their heart for the other person the literally obliterate it with infidelity and lies.

When I was in high school I didn’t expect to have a cancer scare. When I got into film school I didn’t expect to not actually not be able to go because of money. After I became pregnant with my son I didn’t expect for him to literally almost die within the first month of his life. My life just never seemed to go the way I planned.

That’s when the saying comes to mind, “We make a plan and God laughs.” To break down life to its most basic, is literally, Shit happens. Some things we see coming and somethings we don’t. The good things that we get out of life are things we choose to change. We can make the choice to change our minds to think of things more optimistically. We chose to look to a higher being when we can not make sense of what is happening. The beautiful thing about life is that no matter what, until it's time to take that eternal nap, we can choose happiness. We can accept that bad things have happened, but i’m still here. We can accept that life may not have been too bad, but I want more. Yes, sometimes life will hit us with a left hook, right hook, uppercut combo. And by no means do I think there are just some things that are not hard to get over. But if you’re going to be on planet earth in your right mind, you're already winning half the battle. The other half is getting over all your mess so you can go out in this world and make your life what you want it to be. Being alive is a gift and because we don’t know when we are going die, the only other thing we can do is live.

I don't consider myself fully healed from some of the things that have taken place. But, I do know that with God at the head, I can move forward. I may not have gotten through every trial gracefully but, I’m here. And I choose to make this adventure as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

I leave you with this quote:

"May your choices reflect your hopes , and not your fears." - Nelson Mandela

Beautifully and Naturally yours,

K. Harmony