Who am I?  Well I just figured most of me out only, I don't know, like five minutes ago. I'm still on the proverbial journey of knowing everything about myself cause lets face it, there are some things about ourselves that aren't revealed, until we encounter a situation that exposes it.  However, the life lessons I garnered have revealed to me that it only takes one unexpected moment to reveal how you are good or bad.  Which is why I am a self proclaimed beautiful mess.  A beautiful mess is what I believe we all are. We all have the parts of that make us beautiful.  Our creativity, zest for knowledge, loyalty, bravery, uniqueness, loving, caring, compassionate sides of us. Those are the things that help drive us to get the most out of life.  That help us fall in love with ourselves and the parts that we love to show the world. Then we have our Quote unquote, messy side.  Which doesn't just fall in to the category of gossip, but the things we don't show the world.  The insecurities we bury because they make us too vulnerable.  And we are afraid the other people may see it and not understand or criticize.  Either way well have things about us that are awesome and parts that have room for improvement.  And this blog is a place where we can be honest about all the parts of us.  Where we can applaud the side of us that are so amazing and acknowledge the parts of us that are still under construction.

Every part of me has been shaped by the the "normal" life situations like first loves and heartbreaks, college, family issues, gaining and maintaining friendships, and  losing some as well. Then there are the things that literally come out of no where, cancer scares, odd sickness, almost losing a child, and the first time you realize, that life literally feels like it is set up for you to fail. I've experienced much and not a lot all at the same time.  But through it all, my adventure has been worth it.  As I continue the journey of getting to know me, I encourage you to join me.  Let's all figure it out, We have nothing to lose and so much to gain.  Imagine waking up one day and truly being able to accept who you are, and what the Creator has in store for you.  Welcome to a beautiful mess.

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